Plumbing, Tiling and Swimming Pool Repairs and Maintenance!


This post will cover swimming pool plumbing, tiling and maintenance! If you are a swimming pool owner, you know that regular maintenance is essential to ensure your pool is in perfect condition for use. However, even with proper maintenance, there may be a need for repairs at some point. In this blog, we will talk about the most common pool repairs and how you can solve them.

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If you notice that the water level in your pool is decreasing, there may be a leak somewhere. To find the leak, you can perform a simple evaporation test. Fill a bucket with water and place it in the pool, making sure the water in the bucket is at the same level as the pool water. Mark the water level of the bucket with a pen or pencil and wait for 24 hours. If the pool water level drops more than the bucket water level, there is likely a leak. If the leak is small, you can use a leak repair kit to fix it. Otherwise, you will need to find a professional to do the repair.


Pool tiles can break or crack over time, especially if they are exposed
to harsh weather conditions. If you notice any broken or cracked tiles in your
pool, you should replace them as soon as possible to avoid further damage. You
can buy replacement tiles at your local pool store and use tile adhesive to fix
them in place.

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Your pool pump is responsible for circulating the water in your pool, which keeps it clean and clear. If your pump is not working properly, your pool water can become dirty and cloudy. Check the pump regularly for any signs of damage or wear and tear. If you notice any problems, it is important to call a professional to repair or replace the pump.


Your pool filter is essential for removing dirt and debris from your pool water If your filter is not working properly, your pool water can become cloudy and unsanitary. Check the filter regularly for any signs of damage or clogging. If you notice any problems, clean or replace the filter as needed.

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Regular maintenance and prompt repairs are essential for keeping your swimming pool in good condition. By following these tips, you can ensure that your pool stays clean, clear, and safe for swimming. 

Balcony waterproofing and other great tips for balcony maintenance!

Balcony waterproofing and other methods to protect your property's balcony this Summer

As a Portuguese property owner, you know just how important it is to maintain your building. Whether it’s keeping up with the maintenance issues or protecting
your investments, these tasks can surely add up over time. But when it comes to preserving the longevity of your building and its aesthetics, balcony waterproofing should be top priority on your list. 

Not only will this prevent essential damage from occurring due to weather elements, but also keep your most valuable asset in tip-top condition for years to come! In this blog post,
we’ll discuss why protecting your balconies against weather extremes and
moisture exposure is crucial – read on to learn more!

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Balcony Drainage and Cracks

Water is known to often pool on balconies, therefore balcony waterproofing is essential as it can lead to leakage and property damage. It is vital to regularly inspect your balcony to help identify the potential risks. 

Water will likely pool on a balcony with obstructed drainage, poor drainage falls, structural sagging, or settling. Problems may emerge if your Portuguese property is not regularly cleaned thoroughly enough. 

It’s important to ensure blockages are not created and the grout especially is cleared of any impurities and particles that could cause cracking or blockage to your drainage system. In winter conditions, this water may freeze and produce ice, which may grow and crack within those minute surface cracks, making them larger. Each freeze-thaw cycle will cause more fissures and water penetration as more water enters.

Balcony waterproofing can really help with isolating drainage issues and prevent further structural damage. It’s important to recognize that even though this process can involve more work than you think, it is a crucial part of protecting your Portuguese property.

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Loose Balcony Handrails

Handrails that move when pushed or leant on are a huge warning indicator of further structural damage so it is vital to inspect the entire balcony not just the railing. In addition to being a potential threat to public safety, they could violate the building code. Plus, they almost always serve as an early warning indication of problems in the slab itself or the factors that contribute to problems.

You will detect movement between the plate holding the handrail and the slab in areas where there is a loose handrail. These areas are the ones where the handrail is fastened to the slab. If the gap where the railing post penetrates the concrete is not properly caulked, or if the quality of the caulking deteriorates over time, water will be able to seep in.  This will eventually cause the posts and the screws that are holding them in place to rust. This causes further cracks, which in turn enable more water to enter, further eroding the stability of the posts.

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Balcony Netting

Pigeon mesh, balcony screen, balcony fabric, and other forms of balcony netting are all included under the umbrella term “balcony netting.”.

No matter what you choose to call it, apartment balcony netting is an extremely important component of bird control systems designed for balcony use. For starters, having pigeons make their homes on the balconies of your apartment building can be a major source of frustration. They need to be prevented from accessing the floor, ledge, and rails of your balcony in any way, shape, or form. Unless you do something to prevent it, these birds will continue to return to your location.

As you can see above these nets can also provide security for things like pets small children and provide a safer experience for your guests. It is also important to note that the professional installation of these nets is not just vital for safety, but for the over all aesthetic of the property, as improper fitting could be an eyesore!

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Double-Coat Sealer

The use of double-coated premium sealer on the exterior of your balcony will further protect your property from weathering and additional coastal factors. Introducing the use of a waterproof membrane is an additional way to protect your balcony and tiles during more testing times.

Flexible Polymer Seal

The installation of flexible sealant accounts for minute structural fluctuations. This is even more relevant with coastal properties due to the further slight increase. Using a product like this will prolong the waterproofing and structural quality of your Portuguese balcony space. 

We get it, it seems like a lot of work, but holiday makers love a balcony and maintaining and even installing yours within your rental property will make it so much more attractive to future guests!

If you need help renovating your balcony, get in touch!

6 Problems With Electric Gates And How To Repair Them

Problems With Electric sliding Gates? Here are the Most common issues and How To Repair Them

electrician with electric gate

Electric gates are incredibly convenient because they allow for quick access and mean that drivers don’t have to get out of their cars in order to access the driveway. This is especially useful if you own a Holiday rental property in Portugal as it provides a seamless and luxury experience for your guests, who aren’t having to climb out of their vehicles on a hot and sticky day. Instead, drivers can open the gate with a simple touch of a button or a swipe of a card.

However, like most technology, sliding gates are not immune to problems. There are several different ways in which automatic gates can cause headaches for homeowners and guests. These problems should be dealt with immediately, otherwise, the gate could become damaged beyond repair and have to be replaced.

Large Amounts of Noise:

Sometimes, a fence in the Algarve which is automatic can generate a large amount of noise for reasons that don’t always seem immediately clear. A grinding sound could mean the mechanism which moves the gates together and apart may have become worn out. This problem can be fixed one of two ways: either have the mechanism taken apart and reassembled or have a new part fitted such as the motor for the electric gate.

A birdseye image of an electric gate

Vermin and Insects:

Automatic gates work by using sensors that trigger motion. However, if the sensors are blocked the automatic gate will fail to open. Insects and vermin can climb into the dark spaces provided by a gate and cause an obstruction. It is equally as important to take into account for the debris insects and vermin may also leave in front of the sensor or on the sliding tracks of the electric gate. Make sure that the inside of the automatic gate is kept clear of dirt and small animals so that the sensor will work perfectly at all times. 

vermin preventing electric gate working

Power Outage:

Automatic gates need to have a constant supply of electricity in order to work correctly. Power failures and cutouts will prevent the gates from working. If a power outage occurs, make sure to check for blown fuses. The power can be restored by putting the blown fuse switch back in position.

Faulty Remote Control:

The remote control needs to be kept in good working order to ensure that it will be able to open the electric gate without any problems. However, the batteries can start to fade so check if the red light is failing to ‘blink’. Replace the batteries and try again if this is the case. Replace the remote if the problem persists.

Obstruction in the Gate Tracks:

The electric gate tracks need to be kept clear in order to help the gate open and close smoothly. Debris in the electric gate track can cause the gate to become stuck and fail to open or close properly. Sweep up any debris on a regular basis.

Manual Mode:

Sometimes an electric gate can become stuck in manual mode. This could be a problem with the gate’s opening mechanism or the batteries in the remote.

electric gate

In Conclusion

It’s also important to remember diagnosing the problem can be just as hard as resolving it, therefore finding a local reliable electrician to address all of these problems and more, is easily found through us, Portuguese Tradesmen. We provide a flawless service to always insure you have faultless electric gates.

We connect you to the best local tradesmen that will easily elevate and maintain your beautiful Portuguese properties including your electric gates.  See how it works here.

Let us Portugal Tradesmen help you put the plans in motion to always keep your electric gates in motion.

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